Wedding Photography

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Your wedding day. One of the most important days in your entire life. A day that you want to remember in vivid detail and be able to share with your loved ones, your children... Long after the day has passed. 

For me, our wedding photos were one of the most important things of our special day and was the item that I spent the most money on... And to this day are some of my most treasured photos... The day I looked my best (I very rarely wear makeup or get my hair done!), the day that many girls think about from when they are young, the day my husband and I had planned for almost a year! 

I wanted to pick a photographer who captured more than just the facts of the day. I wanted someone who had an eye for detail, and lighting, who captured emotion, guided us through the shots and listened to my ideas, were fun to be around (I didn't want an uptight photographer... Nothing worse than the bride bursting into tears because the photographer doesn't suit your personality!)... And possibly most of all, I didn't want overly processed images like what I saw a lot of wedding photographers doing. 
I am pleased to say that we got my dream photographers (I'm so glad they were available!), and now we have also started photographing weddings and work hard to give more couples the same value that we so appreciated.  We are based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Currently our prices start from $1500 for 4 hours of coverage, for the ceremony, bridal photos and family formals (really cheap I know, but our prices will rise as we do more weddings!)
And with that price you will receive both small watermarked images for social media and full size jpeg images without a watermark on a memory stick that you can get printed however you like! We retain the copyright, but you can share your photos with friends and family, print them on canvas, put them in a photo book, or whatever you prefer, no need to buy more from us every time you want to print!  (It might surprise you, but a lot of wedding photographers will not give the full size photos for you to print as you please! But I give them, as it is what I absolutely wanted when I got married!)

Here are some photos from weddings we have had the pleasure of photographing. My husband also loves photography and takes photos with me, so some of these were taken by him :-)

If you want to see if we are available to capture your special day, send us an email :-) (Though we reserve the right to refuse if for any reason we don't feel that we would be the best fit for your needs) 



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