What people are saying:

"I went to drawing classes for ages with someone else and I hardly learned anything, but with you in 8 weeks I have learnt sooo much!!"  Tamara, age 11

"Thank you so much for your time (and your family) on Saturday morning.  It was so relaxed, and you are so gifted.  I already got a note from sweet Hannah's mom thanking us for the morning and saying "our little artist has been buzzing around all day and has already done two beautiful sketches". 

Catherine has told me she was reminded that art needs time, as in time for yourself and that she needs to start making that time.  Good stuff! 

Thanks again Keryn, you're always a blessing to have a part of our project!"       DaNae, Cession workshops coordinator

"Olivia is really enjoying your classes and last week told us she wanted to be a landscape artist when when she grows up!"  (from a parent of a 6 year old student)

"It has been amazing to see Jasmine working away at her art - you are a gifted lady and it's been great for her to have to be disciplined for a length of time!  ...We hope to have the privilege of using your talents to train our special girl in the future.  Meanwhile I will be recommending you to all and sundry if I hear of an interest in art."

"Holly absolutely loved the classes. She learnt how to draw lots of objects properly and that has been so great for her as she loves being able to draw and is constantly decorating cards or making creations.

We were at a BBQ with lots of little kids the other weekend and they were all requesting "the giraffe", or the "pig" etc from her, she loved it."

"Several of the girls enjoyed the class so much they are keen to continue for term 3 on a weekly basis...."

Zoe had such a great time last Tuesday and came home brimming with ideas and new skills - she was so proud of her pics, they looked fantastic!