First solo exhibition after studying with Graham

First solo exhibition after studying with Graham

One of my students enjoying painting (to see her finished painting, and other students’ work,    click here     )

One of my students enjoying painting (to see her finished painting, and other students’ work, click here)

One of the pet portraits I have done lately

One of the pet portraits I have done lately

My story

Hi! I’m Keryn Bloxham!

Like so many children, I loved to draw, paint and colour in my colouring books.

One particularly memorable day, I was about 7 years old.  At school we were painting a subject of our choice.  Being an animal lover, I chose a rabbit out of an encyclopedia.  I painted (with those cheap gritty paints and a thick paintbrush that we had in school), and then cried because it didn't look like the one in the encyclopedia! Funny thing is that my painting was actually pretty good for my age, and is the only painting that I kept from my childhood!

I kept my love for animals and art, though I didn't study art in school, apart from when it was compulsory.  However, I would go home after school and paint and draw for fun.

I loved drawing with pencil, painting with acrylics and wood burning (pyrography) to name a few.

When I was 21 years old, I was given my first set of oil paints, which quickly became my preferred painting medium.

However, I was frustrated with my ability as an artist. I saw that my art wasn’t how I wanted it to be, but I struggled to know how to become as good as I dreamed of becoming. I looked at some art classes, but they were very expensive, and I had no money to spare. (I stuggled with chronic fatigue so I didn’t have a job apart from a few hours a week, and more expenses than income at that point in time.)

Then I met Graham Braddock. He is an amazing artist with an amazing heart and ability to teach what he has learnt over decades in fine art. He offered to teach me and a few others and pass on his knowledge, for 3 months at the end of 2009 at his home. Even though I was nervous how I would cope with the energy output, I knew it was exactly what my heart desired. He taught us in the mornings and we helped him in the afternoons.

Over those three months I learnt to draw people, draw in proportion, paint with watercolours, paint trees (they were unsightly blobs before 2009!), work with chalk pastel (my newfound other favourite medium), paint with oils in such a way that my paintings wouldn’t crack, and so so much more! I learnt so much about how to create the art I imagine, including hidden images in paintings (see my waterfall painting). And I learnt to paint and draw big (I would often paint postcard sized paintings before then!), and fast, which is invaluable now that I am a stay at home mother to a very special little boy (check out his painting in my students’ artwork)

My paintings went from student level to professional thanks to those three months (actually 4 months, as I studied for an extra month the following year with Graham Braddock and Bob Mitchener, focusing on oils and watercolours respectively).

I am so so grateful for that time which launched me into doing what I do today. I have taught adults and children to paint and draw, with often surprising results (and always happy customers!), I have started doing commissions for people of their beloved pets and more.

I love to paint the beauty of creation, especially New Zealand - the incredible country I am proud to call my own, animals (that I am just rediscovering a love for painting), and prophetic art that expresses something of the heart of God.

I also love photography… photographing nature, children, animals.

The prevailing remark I hear from people who have bought my art or photography is that when they look at them, they feel peace.

My heart’s desire is that my art will bless people… that as you view my art and photography, you would experience peace, receive healing, be amazed at the wonder of creation, and most of all, feel God’s love for you.

Bless you!