All pricing is in NZ Dollars. Prices include delivery to any New Zealand address


Canvas Prints

(Stretched on pine frame)

20cm x 30cm - A4  -  $90

30cm x 45cm - A3-  $125

30cm x 60cm-  $160

40cm x 50cm-  $150

40cm x 60cm - A2-  $150

50cm x 75cm-  $240

50cm x 100cm-  $350

75cm x 100cm-  $350

75cm x 150cm-  $550

100cm x 150cm-  $460


Square Canvas:

30cm x 30cm-  $125

40cm x 40cm-  $160

60cm x 60cm-  $240

75cm x 75cm-  $300

100cm x 100cm  -  $350


Panoramic Canvas:

30cm x 100cm  -  $300

50cm x 150cm-  $500


Poster Prints


40x60 (16x24") A2-  $50

60x90 (24x36") A1-  $85


Framed Canvas

(Black or white available)

20cm x 30cm - A4-  $100

30cm x 30cm-  $130

30cm x 45cm - A3-  $150

40cm x 60cm-  A2-  $220


Photographic Prints

(Printed on Photo Paper)

From sizes 10x10cm (4x4'') to 30x45cm(12x18'')

Contact me for a quote :)


Glass Prints

(Available with mounting bracket or pins)

Glass Print 30x45cm-  $180

Glass print 40x50cm-  $300

Glass print 50x75cm- $360

Glass Print 75x100cm-  $530

There are many more printing and finishing options available, including giftware like mugs, and magnets, mousepads, coasters, puzzles, corrugated iron prints, glass prints and more.  If you would like something a bit different or want to inquire about prints of any kind, please contact me :)